Wendy’s Slogans, Logo, CEO, Revenue, Fact (2024)

If you are a fast-food lover, you must be already familiar with Wendy’s. It is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants that you can find in most big cities.

This fast-food restaurant has an iconic logo of a little, red-headed girl. Let’s get to know deeper about Wendy’s in a more fun way, with fun facts about this restaurant.

Quick Info:

FounderDave Thomas
CEOTodd A. Penegor
HeadquartersDublin, Ohio
Area ServedWorldwide
Social Mediayoutube.com/wendys
Official Websitewww.wendys.com

Slogan & Taglines

Wendy’s has various slogans and taglines for their marketing, but here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Quality Is Our Recipe
  • Deliciously Different
  • Now That’s Better
  • It’s Waaaay Better Than Fast Food. It’s Wendy’s
  • Do What Tastes Right
  • Eat Great, Even Late
  • Quality Is Our Recipe
  • Where’s the Beef?
  • the Best Burgers and a Whole Lot More
  • It’s Better Here
  • Home of Fresh, Never Frozen Beef Since 1969


Wendys Logo


Wendy’s earned total revenue of US$1.897 billion USD.

Founded in Columbus, Ohio

Wendy’s was founded on November 15th, 1969, by Dave Thomas. Its first restaurant was in Columbus, Ohio, with a different interior than other fast-food restaurants. For the restaurant’s name, Dave said that his daughter inspired him. He had 5 kids and tried to name the restaurant after his kids.

But actually, none of Dave’s 5 children were named Wendy. The name was inspired by his daughter, Melinda Lou, whose nickname was Wendy. The iconic logo is also Melinda Lou. However, Dave admitted that he regretted calling his restaurant Wendy’s. It is because it could be a big burden for Wendy, especially after his death.

He was afraid that his daughter would feel she was responsible for keeping a good reputation for his restaurant.

Starting from the Difficulty of Finding a Hamburger Restaurant

Dave started Wendy’s because he found it hard to find a good hamburger restaurant. So, he decided to open his own hamburger restaurant that served different burger menus from other fast-food restaurants. The patty was square-shaped and completed with fresh veggies so that the patty was sticking out of the bun.

His first restaurant was successful, allowing Dave to open his second restaurant in Columbus. He even began to offer a drive-through service.

The Founder was a Former Chef at KFC

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, was a former chef at KFC. No wonder he was so experienced. When he worked at KFC, Dave did cook not only fried chicken but also created the seasoning. Are you familiar with KFC’s chicken bucket, where the fried chickens are served in a bucket? That was Dave’s idea.

Dave also suggested that Sanders, KFC’s founder, appear on television for marketing and promotional strategies.

Wendy’s First Restaurant No Longer Operated

Wendy’s first, original restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, no longer operated since 2007.

Many customers feel sad about it as the first restaurant was original without any upgrades. For example, there is no drive-through service, and the parking area is tiny.