Walmart Company Slogans, Logo, CEO, Revenue (2024)

It is fair to say that Walmart is one of today’s most successful worldwide companies. It is an American multinational retail company that operates its chain in supermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores. To be in its proud position now, this company has been applying some appealing marketing and promotional strategies.

Walmart’s Company Profile

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., marketed as Walmart, is an American company operating a department store chain. According to Fortune Global 500 2008, Walmart is the world’s biggest public company based on revenue. Founded by Sam Walton back in 1962, this giant company began to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972.

Besides the United States, Walmart is also operating in Argentina and Brazil. It is also operating in Great Britain under the name of ASDA, Japan under the name of Seiyu, Mexico under the name of Walmex, Canada, Puerto Rico, and China. It once operated in Germany but eventually closed down in 2006.

Walmart’s Promotion Characteristics

Walmart is indeed very aggressive when it comes to expansion. Its last expansion strategy is entering a country, then taking over or buying national retailers.

After that, Walmart changes those stores into Walmart stores so that they get a benefit in the form of the loss of major competitors, as well as winning strategic places and employees.
This is indeed an efficient way of using funds.

Walmart also always creates an excellent impression and customer satisfaction towards the brand. This retailer wants its customers to get the idea that they get the best price at Walmart. They do it by communicating via TV and print media. A characteristic of their promotion is the use of their stores and employees in advertising.

Promotional Strategies

Walmart always shouts out their slogan saying everyday low prices. This means that the company guarantees that all products it offers are cheaply priced all the time without playing with price markups. Regarding a promotional approach, Walmart organizes its item display based on the function category and uses it systematically and neatly.

This way, it will be easier for customers to find and shop for items they need. Walmart also has an app that features an interactive map providing directions for item locations, a shopping list input feature using voice commands, and an item scanner feature.

Quick Info:

FounderSam Walton
FoundedJuly 2, 1962
CEODoug McMillon
HeadquartersBentonville, AR

Walmart’s Slogan and Taglines

  • Always Low Prices, Always
  • Save money. Live better

Walmart Logo

Walmart Logo and tagline

Walmart Logo


Walmart Company earned total revenue of US$572.8 billion in 2022. They were making it the most profitable company in the world, according to Fortune magazine in May 2022.