Toyota Logo, Slogan, CEO, & More (2024)

It cannot be denied that Toyota is one of the world’s biggest and most popular automotive manufacturers because you can easily find their cars in nearly all countries on earth.

This Japanese company is headquartered in Tokyo and was founded on August 28th, 1937. The founder was Kiichiro Toyoda, the eldest son of Sakichi Toyoda, who was also the founder of the Toyota industry that originally made sewing machines in the early 1900s.

Do you want to know more about this giant automotive company? Keep reading to find out deeper about Toyota.

Quick Info:

FounderKiichiro Toyoda
FoundedJapan,  August 28, 1937
CEOAkio Toyoda
HeadquartersToyota, Aichi, Japan
Area ServedWorldwide
Customer service1 (800) 331-4331

Toyota Slogan

Toyota’s slogan is Let’s Go Places, the company’s slogan since 2012.

Previously, Toyota changed its slogan several times, as shown below.

  • Moving Forward (2004–2012)
  • Get The Feeling (2001–2004)
  • Everyday (1997–2001)
  • I love what you do for me (1989–1997)
  • Who could ask for anything more? (1985–1989)
  • Oh, what a feeling! (1979–1985)
  • You asked for it, You got it! (1975–1979)

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The Success Story of Toyota

We probably exaggerate if we label Toyota as the most famous automotive company in the world.

But in fact, this giant company has factories in most parts of the world to produce or assemble vehicles for local markets in Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, Indonesia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, England, Columbia, the United States, Brazil, France, and Portugal.

And the newest ones are Argentina, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Philippines, Venezuela, and Egypt.

Though Tesla recently outperformed Toyota as the manufacturer of the most prestigious car in the world, Toyota remains ten times bigger than Musk’s company, with overall sales of $275 billion in 2019.

Volkswagen is still the world’s number one car manufacturer based on its revenue in 2020. But in terms of sales, Toyota sold more than 10 million units within a year until March 31st, 2020. The company’s sales increased in Japan and Europe but decreased in Asia and North America.

In 2020, Toyota became the 10th giant company in the world, assessed by four aspects, Fortune’s version of its Global 500. The company’s total revenue reached over $275,3 billion within a year, with a profit of over $192 billion. Up to now, Toyota has 359,542 employees all around the world.

The History of Toyota

The name change from Toyoda to Toyota was intended to be easier to pronounce. Initially, the Japanese government supported some Toyota companies as they were used to create military vehicles. During World War II, Toyota produced military vehicles manufactured on Honshu Island.

Their military vehicles are actually the forerunner of the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is extremely popular in the United States. Then, Toyoda’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda, took over the operation after Japan stopped nearly all imports in 1936.