Subway Slogans, Logo, CEO (2024)

Subway is an American sandwich restaurant. It was founded in August 1965 by a college student named Fred DeLuca and a nuclear physicist named Peter Buck.

Its initial name was Pete’s Super Submarines, and its first restaurant was in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Quick Info:

FounderFred DeLuca, Peter Buck
Founded28 August 1965
CEOJohn Chidsey
HeadquartersMilford, Connecticut, Amerika
Area ServedWorldwide

Subway Slogan & Taglines

Subway is known for its marketing slogans and taglines, with the most famous being ‘Eat Fresh.’ The slogan emphasizes the chain’s focus on serving fresh and quality products and positions it as a fast-food restaurant that is both delicious and healthy.

Besides “Eat Fresh,” some of Subway’s slogans and taglines include:

  • Freshly Made Sandwiches
  • Fresh is What We Do
  • Make It What You Want

Subway Logo

Subway Current Logo
206 – Present
Subway Logo and tagline
2002 – 2016
Subway Old Logo
1968 – 2002

Fact About Subway

Founded by a Teenager Entrepreneur

Fred DeLuca was only 17 when he started Subway or Pete’s Super Submarines. In 1965, DeLuca wanted to be a doctor. And his family suggested he open a sandwich bakery to help him pay his tuition. That family member was Peter Buck, who gave him $1,000 as an initial investment.

In their first restaurant in Bridgeport, they served freshly made sandwiches at an affordable price, which was between 49 and 69 cents then. In the first opening, they managed to sell 312 sandwiches. DeLuca and Buck officially changed Pete’s Super Submarines to Subway in 1968.

Started the Franchise Business

In 1974, DeLuca and Buck had and operated 16 Subway restaurants across Connecticut. At that time, they realized they could not reach their target of 32 restaurants. So, they decided to start franchising their business. The first Subway franchise restaurant opened in Wallingford, Connecticut.

The Introduction of the BMT Menu

Subway’s classic menu, BMT, was first introduced to the public in 1975. BMT was initially the abbreviation of a transportation system named Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. But Subway made it the abbreviation of Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest for its commercial purposes. At that time, BMT became the most ordered menu.

In the same year, Subway’s first restaurant outside Connecticut was officially opened in Massachusetts. In 1982, Subway had 100 restaurants in 300 locations across 30 states in the United States.

Subway’s First Overseas Restaurant

In 1984, Subway opened its first overseas outlet in the Middle East in Bahrain. 3 years later, the company started to open other restaurants in Hawaii and the Bahamas. It also managed to have 1,000 restaurants in the same year.

Within 10 years, Subway was available in countries such as Venezuela, Uruguay, England, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Guatemala, Denmark, and Columbia.

Now, Subway has become the largest sandwich restaurant, with more than 44,000 locations across the globe.

Those are the fun facts about a giant subway restaurant, Subway.