Pringles: Slogan, Logo, History, Fun Fact (2024)

Everyone loves Pringles, a potato-based snack with a unique curved shape and a distinctive tube container that makes it easily recognizable. You can find them all over the world, from Texas to Bali.

In this article, I will delve into more detail about Pringles, from its history to its marketing slogan.

Quick Info:

FounderFredric J. Baur
Area ServedWorldwide

Pringles Marketing Slogans

Over the years, since 1996, Pringles has used an iconic main slogan: “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop.” However, they recently introduced a new slogan, “Mind Popping!”, which is shorter and easier to remember. “Mind Popping” might be a pun on “Mind Blowing.

In addition to the main slogan, Pringles has also used several other slogans, including:

  • Mind Popping”!
  • Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop
  • Once you pop, the fun don’t stop
  • Other potato chips just don’t stack up
  • Once You Pop Know When To Stop
  • Everything pops with Pringles


Pringles Logo

Brief History

In the late 1950s, Procter & Gamble aimed to create a perfect chip, free from the issues of greasiness and breakage. Tasked with this mission, food scientist Fredric Baur conceptualized the distinct saddle shape inspired by hyperbolic paraboloids.

Baur’s innovation didn’t just stop at the shape; he also designed the now-iconic cylindrical can to ensure the chips remained intact.

However, another P&G researcher, Alexander Liepa, perfected the actual taste and potato-based dough after Baur’s initial departure from the project.

Introduced in 1967, Pringles was a radical departure from traditional potato chips, and they quickly captured the fascination and taste buds of consumers worldwide.

Interesting Fact About Pringles

Pringles Snack
  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid: As mentioned earlier, the distinct saddle shape of a Pringles chip is a “hyperbolic paraboloid.” This mathematical marvel ensures they stack neatly without much space inside the can.
  • International Flavors: Depending on the country, you can find unique Pringles flavors catering to local tastes. Japan, for example, has had flavors ranging from takoyaki (octopus balls) to sushi, while the UK once boasted a mint-choco variant!
  • The Name’s Origin: “Pringles” is shrouded in mystery. Some theories suggest it was named after Pringle Drive in Cincinnati, while others believe it was just a name that sounded pleasant.
  • Can for Ashes: Fredric Baur, the inventor of the Pringles can, was so proud of his creation that he expressed a wish to have his ashes stored in one. His family honored his request when he passed away in 2008, placing part of his ashes in a Pringles can.
  • Not Always “Potato Chips”: Due to their unique composition (they’re made from a potato-based dough rather than slices of potato), Pringles faced legal challenges in calling themselves “potato chips” in the U.S. They were then labeled “potato crisps” until regulations evolved.