KFC: Slogan, Logo, Net-worth (2024)

I believe everyone on Earth, and perhaps even the Moon, knows what KFC is. Everyone acknowledges that KFC’s fried chicken is among the best in the world, at least in fast-food restaurants.

But did you know that KFC has one of the most famous and iconic slogans, which was created by accident?

In this article, I will thoroughly cover KFC, including its history, net worth, slogan, logo, and more.

So, let’s dive in!

Quick Info:

FounderColonel Sanders, Pete Harman
FoundedSeptember 24, 1952
CEOSabir Sami
HeadquartersLouisville, Kentucky, United States
Area ServedWorldwide
Social Mediatwitter.com/kfc

A Brief History of KFC

The legendary KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, was a multi-talented individual. Born in 1890, he tried his hand at various jobs before discovering his true calling in the kitchen.

In 1930, he established a modest service station in Corbin, Kentucky, where he began dishing up mouthwatering fried chicken to passing travelers. As word of his delicious invention spread, Sanders expanded into Sanders Court & Café, a roadside eatery.

Over time, Colonel Sanders developed his special blend of 11 herbs and spices, creating the flavor that has become synonymous with KFC. In 1952, at the ripe age of 62, he set out on a cross-country journey to franchise his finger-lickin’ good chicken recipe. Despite facing numerous setbacks, his perseverance paid off, and the first official KFC franchise opened in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, KFC’s expansion soared, giving it wings to fly across the globe. Colonel Sanders sold the company in 1964 but continued to serve as its endearing representative until he died in 1980. PepsiCo acquired KFC in 1986; in 1997, it was spun off into Yum! Brands.

Today, over 24,000 locations across 140 countries delight taste buds with KFC’s irresistible Original Recipe chicken. With a fascinating past and mouthwatering legacy, KFC has established itself as a dominant force in the fast-food industry.

KFC’s Slogan and Taglines

KFC has had several memorable slogans, each reflecting the brand’s identity and values. Perhaps the most iconic is “Finger-Lickin’ Good.” Interestingly, this slogan was created by accident in the 1950s when a franchisee tried to describe the taste of KFC’s delicious fried chicken to customers. Since then, the slogan “Finger-Lickin’ Good” has become synonymous with the brand’s delectable offerings.

Besides Finger-Lickin’ Good, KFC also uses other slogans such as:

  • We Do Chicken Right
  • Nobody Does Chicken Like Kfc
  • So Good
  • North America’s Hospitality Dish
  • We Fix Sunday Dinner Seven Nights a Week

An interesting thing happened in 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KFC stopped using “Finger-Lickin’ Good” as a slogan. It then introduced “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good” as the new slogan. This updated phrase brought back the essence of the original slogan while acknowledging the current context.


Current KFC Logo
KFC Current Logo

Throughout its history, KFC has undergone several logo changes. You can see more details about these transformations in the infographic below.

Kfc Logo Transformation Through Time

Net Worth

By 2023, KFC is anticipated to rank among the world’s most valuable brands, boasting a market capitalization of $10 billion and an average annual revenue of $26 billion.

Its associates have enjoyed considerable success as one of the top 100 most valuable global brands. However, the company’s founder, Colonel Sanders, did not amass significant wealth during his lifetime. At the time of his passing in 1980, his net worth was only $3.5 million.