Coca-Cola Slogans, Logo, CEO, & Revenue (2024)

Coca-Cola is the pioneer of the carbonated soft drink company. It was John Stith Pemberton who invented this soft drink in 1888.

As a pharmacist, Pemberton knew a variety of formulas well. He mixed all ingredients to produce a carbonated soft drink. The word Coca-Cola comes from Coca leaves and Kola nuts.

Pemberton sold this company to Asa Griggs Candler, which brought the Coca-Cola company even bigger and well known worldwide.

This company developed significantly, and people love this new type of drink. Coca-Cola decided to serve its fans with various products, including Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, and Coca-Cola Lemon.

Customers can also find other flavors in the product, such as lime, raspberry, black cherry vanilla, orange, and even ginger.

Due to the fight against unhealthy drink issues, Coca-Cola produces caffeine-free, diet coke caffeine-free, and coca-cola zero sugar. This product is even popular due to the sponsorship.

The Coca-Cola company only spent up to $3.256 billion on advertising in 2011. They used the money to support the English Football League, NASCAR, FIFA World Cup, Premier League, and others.

The company also sponsored American Idol from 2002 to 2014. People can even see this soft drink in theme parks, such as the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Universal Parks and Resorts, and SeaWorld Entertainment.  

Quick Info:

FounderJohn Stith Pemberton
Founded8 May 1892
CEOJames Quincey
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Area ServedWorldwide

Coca-Cola Slogans

Coca-Cola has various taglines, including:

  • Open Happiness
  • Taste the Feeling
  • Always Coca-Cola
  • Life Tastes Good
  • Make It Real

Coca-Cola Logo

Coca Cola Logo

Business Segment

The Coca-Cola company tries to explore any drink. So, besides producing the best-selling carbonated soft drink, this company also develops other business segments, including:


The products give an alternative for customers who don’t like to drink carbonated soft drinks. So far, Coca-Cola produces Ciel Water, Dasani water, SmartWater, and vitamin water.

Flavorus Carbonated Soft Drinks 

Coca-Cola may limit the company to the exploration of flavors of carbonated soft drinks. That’s why this company produces Fanta. Fanta is well-known for its flavors of carbonated soft drinks.

Other Drinks

Interestingly, Coca-Cola also covers other drinks, including tea, coffee, and juice. The products include Costa coffee, Ayataka green tea, Del Valle juices and nectars, Fuze tea, Georgia coffee, and many more.  


In 2019, Coca-Cola achieved up to $37.27 billion in total revenue. The total revenue is significantly increased in 2022. The Coca-Cola company earned $264.4 billion of the total revenue in 2022.   

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