Adidas Slogans, Logo, CEO, and Revenue (2023)

Believe it or not, Adidas came from a small idea in a washroom.

Nowadays, this sports brand has become the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe. It is also the second largest in the world.

Everything started in a small town known as Bavaria in Germany. It was Adi Dassler who had a mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment.

Due to his mission, he started to produce the best products on August 18, 1949, with only 47 employees. It was the first time that the most famous Adidas 3-Stripes were produced.

The focus of this company was developing spiked running shoes for multiple athletic events. Dassler applied a simple idea by replacing the heavy metal spikes material with canvas and rubber.

Jesse Owens was the first sprinter who used a pair of hand-made spikes shoes at the 1963 Summer Olympics.

Surprisingly, Owens won not only one gold medal but four gold medals. It boosted Dassler’s reputation. Since then, his shoes have been known in the sportsmen industry worldwide.

Imagine that after that, his small company sold up to 200.000 pairs of shoes annually.  

FounderAdi Dassler
FoundedAugust 18, 1949
CEOKasper Rorster
HeadquartersHerzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany
Area ServedWorldwide, except North Korea, Russia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Chad, and Palestine.

Adidas Slogans

Adidas has various taglines, including:

  • Through sports, we have the power to change lives.
  • Impossible is Nothing
  • Adidas is All In
  • Unite All Originals
  • Your Future is Not Mine
  • Unleash Your Creativity

Adidas Logo

Adidas Mountain Logo
the 1990–2023 logo, originally designed for the Equipment line, then adopted as the corporate emblem.
Adidas Trefoil Logo
The original trefoil Adidas logo until 1997. It is now used on the Adidas Originals heritage line

Business Segment

Adidas keeps developing its business regularly. The company focuses on the sports industry, but it cooperates with other industries to broaden its market, Adidas business segments include: 


Adidas developed a mobile reservation app in January 2015. The goal of this application is to help users to access and reserve limited edition sneakers by only using geo-targeting technology.

McDonald’s All-American Uniforms 

Adidas made a business agreement with MacDonald’s on March 24, 2015. It is known as All-American Uniforms. In this program, all players were wearing short-sleeved jerseys. It was made with the same material as the NBA players used. It was so lightweight and breathable. 

Fitness Technology 

Adidas also has a business segment in fitness technology. This company cooperated with Runtastic in August 2015. 

Another Sport Industry 

Adidas launched other brands, including TaylorMade, for its golf company and Reebok. 


Undeniably, Adidas and Nike are major players in the sportswear business.

In 2019, the total revenue of this company was $26.477 billion. It increases by 2.3 percent from the 2018 revenue.

The revenue in 2020 was $22.668 billion. In 2022, Adidas earned up to $5.955 billion in total revenue.